Tipmann Valor New Paintball Goggle Mask Reviews

Are you ready to be fascinated by a blast of perfection? Are you prepared to be thrilled by what we have in store for you that will make this Halloween an anticipation? The Tipmann Valor is a new paintball goggle mask that provides extreme visibility and comfort at a price that is affordable! We all know that if you cannot see, you cannot play! Keep the competition on!

Buy the Tipmann Valor goggle mask that has the anti-fog spherical lens, release lens system, chin and jaw protection, an adjustable visor, silicone backed goggle strap and open cell foam.

This is the best goggle mask that you can acquire for your loved ones and probably yourself too! Make a rational choice today and have the most exclusive goggle mask that is suitable, durable and comfortable!

Who is this product designed for?

  • Kids/youth
  • Divers
  • Swimmers
  • Rescuers

Product Highlighted Features

Anti-fog spherical lens

Do you want a goggle mask that increases the peripheral vision? The Tipmann Valor is a goggle mask that has the anti-fog spherical lens which reduces glare and increases on the peripheral vision.
This lens prevents fog from forming, and we all know how much-fogged lens can be a bother! With such lens, the product can provide long-lasting fog-free vision and the most durable protection against any fog! Do not think twice because this is just the perfect choice to make!

Quick release lens system

Are you ready to get a sophisticated lens fixation system? The Tipmann Valor goggle mask has a quick release lens system that guarantees proper fit and quick interchangeability of lens! This feature makes it simple, sturdy and fast to operate.
No matter what conditions you are subject to, having this quick release lens system as a feature allows you to be prepared even for a single movement, even in a snap!

Expanded ear, chin and jaw protection

Have you wanted to secure yourself a goggle mask that has an expanded ear, jaw and chin protection? This product has an expanded ear, chin and jaw shield that ensures you are safe when playing your game.
Well, not only that! The product also has a visor that can be easily adjustable. The visor is a transparent piece that is designed to shield the eyes and face and can be lowered or raised.

Silicone Backed goggle strap

Do you want a goggle mask that has a silicone backed goggle strap? This product has a durable silicone material and can be easily adjusted. This silicone strap thus prevents the slippage and ensures the maintenance of a secure fit. This feature makes this product easy and convenient to use.
Well, if you want something comfortable in your game, then this is the most significant weapon to use and feel safe with!

Open cell foam

Have you ever wanted a mask that is permeable? The product has open cell foam which allows moisture permeability. Open cell foam is soft like a cushion whereby gas pockets tend to connect with each other.
This feature is excellent for the provision of comfort! This is a remarkable product with distinctive features that will enable you to have a good time wearing your google mask!


  • Easy to use

  • Provides superior visibility

  • Creates long-lasting durability

  • Promotes good breathability

  • Sturdy and comfortable


  • The lens can fog up sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this good for paintball?
A: Yes. It is.
Q: Does this product fit a kid?
A: These paintball masks are one size that fits all due to the adjustable straps that accommodate a wide range of head sizes.

Final Verdict

Having a good and proper goggle mask ensures that you can easily enjoy your game and always await the fun. Tipmann Valor has many features that make it a great product to use. This product provides superior visibility, protection, and comfort.
This product comes at a price that you can afford! This paintball goggles takes into account any paintball you are playing and therefore can suit you with anything! These are the latest paintball goggles that Tipmann has brought for you and if you want to keep your competition in sight, use this safe and sturdy googles we have for you!