Appreciation on Set of Tasaki Jewelry For 2012 Christmas

It hasn’t been so long as the conclusion of masquerade in Halloween in that memories lingered can still bring us exciting and joyful feelings, while party for Christmas would come soon. Here comes the jewelry of TASAKI which is prepared for the coming feast.

Epiphany Collection
Inspired by the graceful posture of swans relaxing around the face of water, the spirit to praise the beauty of life is equal with the theme in the season. The delicate jewelry making crafts of TASAKI heap layers of feathers to show the feeling of fashion. The unique feather-shaped collar accessory will certainly show the world the sense of fashion along with the unparalleled beauty.

Peplum chandelier Collection
Dotted with the sexy modeling of waist series, it seems that the exotic series is composing some alluring and sophisticated Rhapsody, which will be then releasing a few graceful belief. Nangyang pearls of size and the detachable pendant are imbued with beautiful structure of mechanic and architecture, the flashing yellow ribbon has added the series warm air of their festivals. Created closely by the craftsman, the item are the superb choice to coincide with a low heeled apparel.

Deco drape Collection
With elegant and deep features endowed from the bright garnet red, the set of necklace and earrings let’s can’t help associating the series with splendid feast in the vintage parties. The exclusive gross diamond exerts its beauty in a more dazzling way. The Deco Drape series is like flowing shadow and light, which can be of nostalgia sophistication while contemporary style.

The a-secret series

The emblem of the series is key and lock, which is settled to be one portion of the necklace and just like to carefully keep your little keys which is unknown to others. The design that the wise key can be used to unlock the hasp on the lock adds freshness to the pearl necklace.
Bonne nuit Collection
The ring and necklace are releasing the gradient switch from white to yellow, that is like the shooting star in the night to show the dream of vacation. The design that’s as cryptic Pandora combines the elements of soft and hard, intension and extension at a surprising manner.

The equilibrium Collection
Inspired by the balance ball, the kinds of jewellery are found in 2009, which is said to be the very first season production because Thakoon has become the creative director. The newly-added thing within this season concludes necklaces and rings created with all the geometrical mashup of pearls and diamonds.

Hearts afire show
The series was made by wrapping the stone in the classic heart shape randomly. Pendants and rings have been added to the series this year. The charming heart shape made by pink stone will definitely bring in eyes out of the around.

Let’s spark the fire deep down our heart with each other to find beautiful and graceful self within the procedure, or you can choose to follow your own dancing steps to join a party that’s just opened on your own in silent and secret at the busy and noisy world.

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