8 Simple Strategies to Move Beyond Overwhelm Part One

What should you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed? I hear this word so often from the busy women I see as customers and all my friends who are moms! “Overwhelm” could be a consequence of getting too much in your own to-do list, a current change or reduction, a new enterprise or project, or unrealistic expectations.

When I’m overwhelmed, I confess to a tendency to prevent, procrastinate, snack, avoid again, get a whole lot of non-important things done so I’m “doing”, although not really get the image! Often overwhelm leads to a vicious cycle of avoidance or turning your wheels without getting traction on your objectives. The last time I felt overwhelmed, I focused on positive answers and wanted to share what works with you.

1. Deep breathing informs our brain, “there is no emergency here, things will be OK” and paying attention to our breath slows us down mechanically and brings us into the present moment, which can be calming. If we are calm, we’re better able to make good choices which will help get us from overwhelm instead of frantically focusing on the problems. In addition, I use relaxation and mindfulness techniques I teach on my site. What are your favorite, quick de-stressors? (that are healthful?!)

2. Frequently we need to delegate and let others look after some things on our listing. Sometimes we just need to talk to a friend who will offer encouragement, or sometimes we will need to get “expert” aid, and I believe prayer is strong here! Who would you ask for help?

3. TAKE CARE OF BASIC NEEDS Sometimes if we get over-busy and overwhelmed, we still fail fundamental self-care, but that is actually the time once we need it most! We’re better able to cope with stress when we take the time for healthy eating, hydration, rest, exercise, and also some activities that provide an enjoyable break. How do you be certain that you are getting adequate sleep, nutrition, along with other fundamental self-care so you can have more energy and attention to move beyond the feelings of overwhelm?

4. ASK YOURSELF: WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP? I won’t say, what is the next “best” measure, because those of us with perfectionistic tendencies, can get stuck onto the “best” component! So, I inquire “what would be useful? ” You will come up with something that is reassuring more than successful and that’s OK for the time being. Sometimes we must step away from a situation so as to come back with clarity or occasionally we know the next action step which will make a difference and allow us to feel permitted. What is a useful next step for you?

I want to offer encouragement that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed and there is hope!

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